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With the girl's connivance, cue ca\ ibe bo% conies to the

outskirts of the village with dis kusr^n,   diii wji:-a  ihe girl  meets

at the reaiez^ojs, the party ni3\es a*vay  Without  intimating


The disappearance of the c*irl v>oiiid soon be noticed.

People cf  the   \I<Iaee   and   their  chief f^cl  annexed at

JT                                                                                        *" *"                                                                                                                                                                             " "

this outrage of kidnapping their girl.

The boy and the girl Ihe sora^vh^re togiiher for a  few

days.    Later, the girl returns alone to her parents.

The \Il!agers hold a conference of the elders with the Chi-

ef as president and impose "kulam tappa" ^p^m;r) o.i the girl's

father for permitting Ms daughter tore:ura to his house. The father

pleads his inability to pay such a heavy penalty.

After much wrangling, the penalty is reduced to suit Ms

paying capacity. The girl's father has to give them meat and


Now it is the bo>"s turn.    He along with his father,  kinsmen

and tribal Chief goes to the Chief of the girl's village and  requests

him to settle the alliance.   Then begins a long discussion.    Finally,

the Chiefs agree to a mutually acceptable bride price.

The youth pays bride price to the girl's father to seal the


c) Love Marriage :

When a boy and girl have fallen in !ove, they try to obtain

the coaseot of their parents by indirect hints or by sounding their

kins. The parents may not easily approve. The paresis are worr-

ied about settling bride money, and there are so many prelimina-

ries and formalities to be gone through. But this procrastination is

intolerable. The young psople are eagar to gat married, Sos

without teiliag their parents, they elope to some other place.